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Feb 25, 2014 7:00pm EST
problems. that is coming up next. the defense department is cutting back on spending and we have reaction to the proposed budget. biden played defense during seth meyer's debut on "late night." >> i was planning on making an announcement tonight but i decided that tonight is your night. i hope you will invite me back. >> and 2016 plans? >> i'm going to run for president. ♪ >> this is "lunch money," on bloomberg television, streaming on your phone, your tablet, and i am adam johnson. google executive chairman eric schmidt donated $1 million of his own money to provide grants for organizations fighting local challenges. the idea came out of his best-selling book. it is entitled "the new digital age." charlie rose spoke with the authors. >> so many revolutions, the disclosures from snowden and the crises governments are facing -- we think that a lot of this is anticipated in the book. you judge but the important thing is the technology revolution is real and the power of citizens has importance. >> i want to talk about both of those things but also, you suggest we have not s
Feb 26, 2014 12:00pm EST
in the corners in the defensive line in the linebackers. i anticipate what they're going to do. i have prepared so well. >> what the defense of back is going to do? >> iwatch his feet and his hands. >> what does that tell you? what he's proceeding might happen? >> i'm trying to be ahead of the game. as i go to the line, i have the checklist in my head of the what is my progression. go-to guy air the force comes to worse. what is the second look? >> that is my alert look. i go from one to two to three, sometimes four. >> you primarily have three receivers. >> it depends on the game. every play is different. i go through my checklist. if it isn't there, that is when the scrambling and trying to make lace happens. i just try to be smart. my dad tommy and other coaches tommy, just salvage the play. if it is not there, other players are going to make plays for you later on in the game, just throw it away or get a positive gain. that is what i try to do. >> should we measure by career or, the super bowls? >> i think it has to be all-encompassing. either way they prepare, affect people, affect organiz
Feb 28, 2014 12:00pm EST
that with the newly appointed secretary of the national security and defense counsel. he asked about the growing tensions with russia. >> yes, i am worried about it. also, the capture of the government in crimea by units which were sent by russia from moscow. from russia, we see a very aggressive method of carrying out politics towards ukraine. we could observe their attempts to divide ukraine or take crimea. >> with the tension in the crimea region of ukraine, would you call for nato support against russia if required? >> yes, for sure. we think we are owed from the united states and britain. nato is a guarantee of safety in the black sea region. of course, we are sure about nato. it has already been announced that they have your -- their own vision and will not allow the russian federation to create conflict. >> from kiev to washington, what got president obama and vice president biden running around the white house? we will tell you. the chairman of microsoft wants you to join him on the cloud. his exclusive interview "lunch money." hiser on thank you -- inclusive interview later on "lunch mo
Feb 27, 2014 12:00pm EST
in the back of people's minds to my that you could get some kind of russian reaction. >> u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel is concerned as well. he spoke yesterday to a group of ministers in belgium. >> we expect other nations to expect ukraine's sovereignty and avoid provocative actions. that is why i am closely watching russia's military exercises along the ukrainian border, which they announced as you know, yesterday. i expect russia to be transparent about these activities and i urge them not to take any steps that could be misinterpreted or lead to miscalculation during a belly -- a very delicate time. >> would this fall into the category of steps that could be misinterpreted? this is a russian warship docked in habana, cuba yesterday -- havana, cuba yesterday. it went into service in the black sea back in 1988 before it was transferred seven years later to the northern fleet. this is according to russian media sources. neither cuban authorities, nor state media have mentioned the ships visit, unlike on previous tours by russian ships. does it, cold war? secretary john kerry sai
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)